ExchangeLoans is a loan trading platform made to fit inside your inbox.

We launched in late 2018 as a traditional loan trading platform like you have seen in the past, but we knew that the barriers to entry could be removed. From that stand point we looked at our system, our automations, our processes and figured out a solution so our users never had to learn a new system or even leave their preferred email service. We are based out of Dallas Texas and we have years of experience in Loan Servicing, Default and Loss Mitigation. We understand the importance of Buyers and Sellers being able to communicate directly with streamlined accurate information to successfully ExchangeLoans.


Buy with us

Sourcing loans is one of the most difficult processes when you are ready to buy. With ExchangeLoans we send loans directly to your inbox in a spreadsheet format so that you can cut into the information how ever you would like. Gone are the days of browsing listings and wondering if your next deal is on the next page while creating another full time job for yourself. When you become an ExchangeLoans Subscriber for free we will email you every Tuesday and Thursday our available listings, and the offer period dates. If you see a loan you like simply respond back to the email during the offer period with the property address and your offer amount and we will send your bid to the Seller.

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Sell with us

Listing loans on a trade platform can be cumbersome and time consuming. With ExchangeLoans you can upload your tapes directly to the site without custom formatting or even email them directly to Once your loan is approved by an ExchangeLoans representative, your loans will be mailed to our ExchangeLoans Subscribers. An ExchangeLoans representative will email you the offers that we have received and ask how you would like to proceed with the transaction. The entire process will take place through email, and we can consolidate emails for multiple loans taking as small of time as possible from your day.

This is not an auction site demanding immediate participation, forcing rushed decisions and possible missteps. You will not see any of the hype, fluffed ads, price games or blind product listings seen on many other sites. We know there is much more to successfully Buying and Selling Loans that just listing them on the internet.

ExchangeLoans makes it easier for anyone from Novice to Expert to Buy and Sell Loans with confidence, quickly and compliantly without a middleman or Broker fees.