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Sellers on the platform can list in any State to offer to Buyers on ExchangeLoans.


Steps on ExchangeLoans.

Our packaged program follows a simple transaction process without ever having to leave your inbox.


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Our free plan lets you try the system the big guys use for free.


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Buying on ExchangeLoans

ExchangeLoans will send a loan tape to your provided email address. Once you find a loan you like, simply respond to the email with the Product ID and your offer price. ExchangeLoans will notify the Seller of your bid and we will respond back to you once we have a response from the Seller. If the Seller accepts your bid then your Due Diligence Period will begin.

For a more in depth look into the transaction process click here to be taken to the Buy Loans Page.

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Selling on Exchangeloans

Upload your tape here on the Sell Loans page or email your tape to trade@exchangeloans.com. Once an ExchangeLoans administrator has reviewed your listing and approves it, your loans will be mailed first to our Insiders based on their loan preference. If we don't receive any offers from our Insiders, your loan will be placed in our Subscriber email blast which goes out to over 10,000 users a week. ExchangeLoans will notify you of all of the offers received and you can select who and how you proceed with a transaction.

For a more in depth look at the selling process on ExchangeLoans click sere for our Sell Notes page