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Subscribers and insiders

There are two types of Buyers on ExchangeLoans. Subscribers who get the weekly tape email and Insiders who have told us what kind of loans they are looking for. When you become an Insider the ExchangeLoans platforms notifies you first, before the subscribers of a loan that matches your preferences.

Buying on Exchange loans

ExchangeLoans will email tapes to all of our subscribers at once but if you want to be ahead of the competion then register for free as an Insider. By clicking the link above we well ask some questions about what kinds of loans you are looking for and as we receive them you will be the first to know when we have found a match. If you like the loans we send, simply respond back to the email with a Product ID and your offer amount and we will send it to the Seller. If the Seller approves your offer the transaction process will begin all inside your inbox. The transaction process after you and the Seller have agreed on a price is Due Diligence which we start at a 5 business days but can be extended to whatever you need. Final Offer, where you can revise your offer based on Due Diligence. Closing Service & Servicer selection, Purchase and Sale Agreement Signing and then the actual trade will either be handeled by a escrow closing service (Escrow/Closing Service Exchange) or directly between you and the Seller (Direct Trade)



Being both a subscriber and an Insider are free on the ExchangeLoans platform. You can also trade directly (trading between yourself and the seller without an escrow closing service) for free. The only fees you will encounter on ExchangeLoans are optional upgrades which you are welcome to use or welcome to pass on. The option fees are closing with an Escrow Closing Service who will hold the money and receive the collateral file to confirm your transaction is as safe as possible. You can also have ExchangeLoans draft and record the assignment for your trade as well. For more information on Pricing please click here.