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Upload 1 listing or as many as you’d like using an excel sheet and our tool below. ExchangeLoans will review and provide you with a response regarding your listings.

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Easy loan listing

Listing loans on ExchangeLoans has never been simpler. You can upload your loan tape in any format to the platform in the above link or you can email the tape directly to Once uploaded an ExchangeLoans representative will reach out with a confirmation email.

ExchangeLoans will instantly email our Insiders when a new listing is received. Listing are instantly added to our active Loan Tape that is downloadable from our site at all times. Listing is emailed to our Subscribers if the loan is not sold to our Insiders.

Once we receive offers from our Buyers, we will send you everything we received and see if you want to proceed to Due Diligence with one offer or multiple offers. If we do not receive offers from our Insiders then the loans that did not receive offers will be sent to our Subscribers in our weekly tape blast. If you approve an offer the transaction process will begin all inside your inbox. The transaction process after you and the Buyer have agreed on a price is Due Diligence which we start at 5 business days but can be extended by the Buyer to whatever they need. Next is the Final Offer, where the Buyer can revise their offer based on Due Diligence. Final Offer is followed by Closing Service & Servicer selection, Purchase and Sale Agreement Signing and then the actual trade will either be handeled by a escrow closing service (Escrow/Closing Service Exchange) which has a fee of $500 to each side or directly between you and the Seller (Direct Trade)


Seller Fees

Notifying both ExchangeLoan's subscribers and Insiders are free on the ExchangeLoans platform. You can also trade directly (trading between yourself and the seller without an escrow closing service) for free. The only fees you will encounter on ExchangeLoans are optional upgrades which you are welcome to use or welcome to pass on. The optional fees are closing with an escrow closing service who will hold the money and receive the collateral file to confirm your transaction is as safe as possible for a flat $500 to from each side. You can also have ExchangeLoans draft and record the assignment for your trade as well. For more information on Pricing please click here.